Gold Bellerophon

Pro 2 in 1 Meat Injector


Double function: a built-in plunger releases marinade into the meat Through three needle-type applicators, quickly saturate the inside of food with ingredients to improve flavor.

Save time, space and money-enhancer with a compact flavor, reduce cooking time up to 40% by creating "heat channels". Make sure that the particles of your pepper or sauce are milled to the best and wash the tool tube with hot water after use, or they will plug the meat tenderizer hole or give it a bad taste.

Great tool for cooking: quickly saturate the inside of food with ingredients that improve the taste. More even cooking; shrinkage reduction.

Edible oil is the substance that lubricates the plunger. Please feel relieved with the use. Remove the plunger and pour marinade or sauce into the tube. Then place the plunger in the tube and press. You can also put the marinade in a container and suck the marinade from the container. The marinade or sauce will permeate the meat when you have it.

Food grade 304 stainless steel, guaranteed to keep your family safe. The rotation of injector sauces layer marks "I" towards "X" that block the blade for safety, "I" towards "●" indicates all the depth "and" I "towards" half ● "is half depth of the needle. depth adjustments for different thicknesses of meat.

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